How we charge

We believe that legal advice has become too expensive and that it’s possible to offer the highest quality service and advice at competitive rates.

We’ve also listened to you, so we know how you’d like us to operate.

For instance, we offer a range of pricing models to suit you, from day rates to fixed rates for fixed tasks, such as a casualty, incident or salvage investigation, or if we are travelling with you to negotiate a contract. That takes the financial uncertainty out of getting the advice you need.

And our priority is always to resolve matters, wherever possible, which almost certainly results in a smaller bill.

Talking of which, we don’t insist on sending you a bill every month. Instead, we bill at sensible intervals – for example quarterly. In cases where costs will be recovered from a third party, we’ll deal directly with them.

If you’d like to know more about how (and what) we charge, you only have to ask. We aim to make working with us a pleasure – and a refreshing change – and hope that the final bill will be very acceptable.