Litigation co-ordination

It’s a complex world

In really serious cases, litigation can be pursued in several jurisdictions, with claimants choosing the most advantageous place to bring proceedings – a practice known as forum shopping, which potentially can be very costly.

London is often the contractually determined jurisdiction, with English law applying, but that’s not always the case. You need to plan very carefully to minimise the impact of proceedings that may have been started in less welcome places.

Ships or sister ships might be arrested or attached in any jurisdiction the courts permit. At that point, you need to negotiate security and take steps to control the litigation. Limitation of liability may play a crucial part – you can be made to feel like a pawn in a vast game of chess, with legal costs spiraling out of control.

It’s a complex, complicated situation and clients generally want an experienced lawyer to oversee proceedings and co-ordinate their response, working closely with foreign lawyers. With many years of working on this kind of case, our team can do just that.