Towage contracts

Looking after the workhorses of the ocean

With our long experience of this sector, we can make sure that your contract works as hard for you as your tugs work for your clients.

Most of the time, experienced and specialist brokers put the deal and the contract together (English law is normally the default option). Almost always, the contracts are standardised – but sometimes there are special risks and that means the wording may not precisely suit your circumstances.

We can make sure it does. Detailed clauses can be amended, new supplementary clauses can be added to cover specific or unusual aspects of the job. It’s a precaution that gives you (and your insurers) peace of mind if things don’t go to plan – and we all know how often that can happen at sea. Given that one of our Consultants drafted TOWCON and TOWHIRE and assisted with the 2008 updates, who better to turn to?

TugAdvise have dealt with many cases – breakdowns, loss of tow, collisions, capsize, salvage are standard issue for us. With so many of our team having seagoing backgrounds, even if you risk a loss at sea, we won’t let you get lost in the small print.