Barge operators

Barge charters, with or without an associated tug, tend to be lengthy jobs. It’s not just a matter of ocean carriage. Submersible or semi-submersible barges perform complex and potentially risky operations too. Cargoes may also be unusual.

Meanwhile, the safety of the vessel is usually in the hands of other people – and things do, inevitably, go wrong.

BARGEHIRE 94 and BARGEHIRE 2008 as industry standard wordings are usually subject to English law and arbitration. We represent a number of the worlds leading barge operators and are regularly also regularly instructed by Hirers.

With our practical and legal experience, we are well placed to help you to resolve any problems, in arbitration if nescessary.

We can help at the pre-contract stage with our drafting experience, or we can be at your side if our negotiation and problem solving skills are needed, ensuring always that your best interests are protected.