Ocean towage contractors

This is tough work in a tough market. Most of the time, things go well but bad weather, bad bunkers, gear failure, collision or breakage of a tow line are just a few of the everyday risks that operators face, aside from not getting paid.

Your contract is the key to the decisions you make – and the small print is sometimes tricky. Are you entitled to abandon? Could you claim salvage? Is an NOR effective? Who pays for under-performance? Are you protected by a knock-for-knock clause or might you face a claim? Can you exercise lien? Has a salvage incident occurred?

One of our consultants was instrumental in the drafting of TOWCON and TOWHIRE. Another managed numerous contracts as in house counsel of a major tug operator and another ran a sizeable fleet.

TOWCON and TOWHIRE 2021, frequently amended, remain today internationally the contracts of choice and will invariably apply English law and arbitration.

You may not want lawyers to review or draft your contracts – and we know margins today are very tight. But if you’re worried, we can run through the contract quickly with you over the phone. Or we can draft you tailor made amendments that meet your precise needs.

We have the experience to give you the answers – and we’ll tell you in plain English, without confusing the issue with legal jargon.

Ultimately if your rights are challenge, we are part of larger law firm Tatham & Co that can represent you in arbitration and in court.