Harbour tug operators

We know that most of your needs are local and you are probably well-served already.

But what if a ship and her cargo are saved from catastrophe – and your tugs played a crucial role in the rescue? The owners are offering a daily rate plus a mark-up as a bonus. Should you press for LOF? You need to know your rights quickly, especially if others are muscling in on the job. On top of that, cargo operations may be about to start or the ship may be scheduled to depart. Your interests need protecting, as soon as possible.

The TugAdvise team, with more than 200 years of combined experience in this field, have dealt with this kind of case in every corner of the world and bring that unique experience to you. One of our team, for example, has worked in house for 12 years of the major international operators. They know the right questions to ask and who to call. Another has sat as an arbitrator overseeing countless disputes. They are trusted people who carry real weight – and they’ll be listened to.

The UK Standard Conditions of Towage 1986 is frequently incorporated into local tariff regimes and bring unique protections and rights. These are specialist provisions developed under English law. We provide the expertise and guidance needed.

Working with your local lawyers if required, we can quickly assess your options, avoid pitfalls and maximise returns, always driving towards the best solution while cutting costs but not corners.