Insurers – H&M, P&I and Defence – all want the best service and advice for their clients, at a fair price and without unnecessary delays. That’s what we are here for.

Salvage law and practice, the law of tug and tow, the understanding of the industry and the industry’s standard contract wordings are a highly specialised area of shipping law. Members of our team have been instrumental in the drafting behind LOF, SCOPIC, TOWCON, TOWHIRE and SUPPLYTIME. We understand the intricacies of the the UK Standard Conditions of Towage, WRECKHIRE, WRECKSTAGE and WRECKFIXED.

We work for many industry contractors but not everyone, and core to our practice is the representation of insurers be that of ships, cargo or charterers.

Our people, and that includes the whole team at Tatham & Co, have the specialist and experience to get straight to the point, whether or not a case needs complex analysis. Our rates are competitive and our direct approach and expertise help us to deliver even better value for money.