Salvors need a close relationship with their lawyers – they’re an essential part of the team.

TugAdvise lawyers and consultants have worked for some of the world’s leading salvors. They also work for the occasional salvor who may be less used to the potential rewards of salvage and may, perhaps, be unaware of some of the pitfalls. We know LOF, SCOPIC and the industry – backwards.

Whether it’s a quick cash settlement or a determined campaign to collect security in container ship cases, we can be trusted to deliver.

Then there are all those other contracts: rescue towage, award sharing, ISU sub-contracts, marine service contracts, TOWCON, TOWHIRE and the BIMCO wreck removal agreements.

A number of these contract forms were drafted with the help of TugAdvise’s consultants. What more do we need say?

With our in-depth knowledge of salvage, towage and wreck removal law, industry contracts, negotiating skills and an understanding of risks and gains that comes from many years of hands-on experience (more than 200 years between us and counting), TugAdvise offers you an unbeatable team.

TugAdvise consultants also know the market, who to speak to and how to best resolve problems. A senior Admiralty KC, a former Lloyd’s arbitrator, is on hand to advise on complex issues and represent you in court or arbitration.

Then there are legal costs. The creation of TugAdvise acknowledges what many of us recognise – that the legal process has simply become too expensive. Call us of you’d like to know why it will cost you a lot less to use our team.

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